Customer Centricity

Managing a brand in the market today requires a coordinated and multi-channel approach to attract, convert and keep customers. Customers  have a plethora of options about where to find information about you and your competitors. Your job is to ensure that you are providing the right messages or offers, to the right customers, through the right channels. Your campaigns and marketing tactics must be coordinated and sequenced appropriately to resonate with your customer. Measuring and analyzing the results of your campaigns become a crucial component of continuously optimizing your marketing spend and increasing your return on investment (ROI). 

The Problem
Although it is much easier to measure the success of individual marketing campaigns in today's digital marketing world, tracking the success of individual channels does not provide you much value when trying to optimize your marketing spend. A typical marketing brand has a diverse group of stakeholders who each play a specific role in the success of the brand. The brand also uses one or more agencies to assist in the marketing strategy. To add to the complexity, most organizations also use some version of a direct-to-customer sales representative or customer service function which also interacts with your customer.

Your customers are directly and negatively affected by the lack of internal coordination between all of these stakeholders in your marketing organization. While most organizations claim to have a customer-centric model, in practice, it is very difficult to achieve this level of sophisticated internal coordination to optimize your customer's experience. 

Typical Consulting Approach
There are two typical approaches that consulting companies take to solve the customer-centricity problem. 
  1. Agency Approach (External-Customer)an agency will be hired to create and manage your marketing plan. They will provide you a full-service approach to managing your creative and also your execution and reporting. They become the experts in your customer; and you, the marketing department, becomes a group of marketing campaign performance managers. 

    The Problem
    with this approach is that slowly but surely, you lose site of your customer and become ineffective at determining the appropriate marketing strategy. All internal knowledge becomes lost and you become dependent on the agency to manage the success of your brand. 

  2. Management Consulting Approach (Internal-Organization)- a management consulting company will be hired to analyze your internal marketing processes and dashboards. They will analyze your brand planning process, your marketing governance meetings and your KPI reporting dashboards. They will then create a process diagram and a long slide deck with recommendations about how to change your internal processes to fix the coordination problem. 

    The Problem with this approach is that no one ever looks at the problem from your customer's perspective. After all, the whole point in fixing the internal coordination issue is to improve your customer's experience with your brand. Marketing strategy is lost and the root issue is never solved. 

Our Approach
Our approach to Customer Centricity is simpler and more effective. The engagement does not take as long and therefore saves you money and minimizes disruption. It is also focused on retaining organiaztional knowledge where it belongs - with you, the marketing organization. 
  1. Find & Describe Your Ideal Customers - First, we work with you to create a a few "ideal customer" profiles. If you don't already know who your most profitable customers are, we analyze your marketing data to find them. 

  2. Map Your Ideal Customer Journeys - Second, we take your ideal customer profiles and perform market research to gain an understanding of the customer journey. 

  3. Internal Process Optimization - Finally, we map out your internal processes to see how your organization currently supports your highest-value customers. We develop an optimized process which describes exactly how your marketing organization should function to support your customer. 

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